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A Chance to Sea Life - 1127 Words

During my senior year at Baldwin High School, while sitting in my Environmental Studies class, I learned of my passion for the great outdoors. Whether it was plants, animals, sea life, or the topic of discussion being taught, it never failed to spark my interest. Reflecting back, my Environmental Studies class played a vital role in allowing me to overcome my fear of the ocean. My decision to participate on a field trip which required us to explore the coral reef up close was a difficult one, and in retrospect, it was the right choice because it changed me; it helped me to think differently about my capabilities, become more courageous, and made me feel like I achieved the impossible. Mr. Gard, my Environmental Studies teacher,†¦show more content†¦He grabbed my hand as we got to the edge of the boat and said, â€Å"Are you ready?† I took a deep breath as I felt the awkward fins clinging onto the skin of my feet and nodded, â€Å"yes,† as I exhaled, â€Å"I’m ready.† I didn’t allow myself to think about anything at that moment. I just focused on my breathing, which seemed to be amplified in sound, as we slipped into the ocean’s cold abyss. I remember telling myself, â€Å"I can’t believe this is happening! This can’t be real!† Hearing the sound of the sea water rippling past my ear, as Chad and I approached Coral Garden, confirmed how very real it was. In the distance, I saw a spectrum of soft, inviting, colors of the secluded coral reef. Hues of peach, yellow, and rosewood coral looked like little castles built upon the sand in all shapes and sizes scattered throughout the ocean’s floor. As we got closer, I saw various schools of colored herbivore fishes greet one another as they fed among an antler coral, and the warm embracing rays of the sun tickled my body as I moved across the water, slightly beneath the surface of the calming ocean. At that moment, I felt incredibly free, and all of my fears of the ocean seemed to vanish as if they didn’ t even exist. I detached myself from Chad after a while and ventured out on my own, but I always kept my eye out for him to make sure he was close by. It didn’t take long before I heard the air horn blow, which meant it was time to head back to theShow MoreRelatedEndangered Sea Turtles1403 Words   |  6 PagesSea turtles are becoming more and more endangered as time goes on and is something that really needs to be changed. There are seven species of sea turtle and they are all either endangered or critically endangered. Millions of sea turtles used to inhabit the sea now only a fraction of them are still around. Humans are partly the cause of this because we hunt them for food and profit. It is unbelievable that people can kill such beautiful creatures just for their personal benefit. Humans areRead MoreSantiago s Respect For The Natural World1057 Words   |  5 Pageswhat causes each man, old or young, to see the natural world in different forms. In Ernest Hemingwa y’s, The Old Man and the Sea, Santiago, an old fisherman, has had a long relationship with the natural world. Throughout his life, Santiago has endured hardships and fortunes. Unlike younger fishermen, he does not see the natural world as an enemy but rather as an equal. His life experience in fishing helps him to see the natural world differently. Santiago is a fisherman whose connection with the naturalRead MoreThe Open Boat By Stephen Crane1076 Words   |  5 PagesCrane, the author exploits the power of harmony to establish a relationship where every individual is a unit within a literally functional setting. The author speaks about significant issues in society; more so, about the events that have affected his life. According to Alison and Mays (247), the characters in â€Å"The Open Boat† are vehicles designed to convey concepts about the society’s functionality. They facilitate thematic and plot development to reveal the place of man in society and expre ss natureRead MoreThe Importance of Setting Repetition in Siddhartha and Candide1180 Words   |  5 Pagesmust travel from his home. The importance of location is vital for a hero because it allows for varying situations and more chance for growth. There are settings, however, that repeat themselves within the course of their quests. This is representative of the cyclical nature of the world and life. One cannot always be somewhere new; there are always recurring events in life that are vital for change. Candide by Voltaire and Siddhartha by Herman Hesse are classic narratives of heroes who encounterRead MoreMeaning of Life and Br Essay examples1060 Words   |  5 PagesOliva Domingo’s life and how choices produce outcomes both good and bad. At a young age Brà  s believes that anything is possible, and one never knows what is in store for him at the end. His philosophy in life are the same principles as in fishing as one casts a line the excitement builds because one never knows what is on the end of the line. Water is reoccurring in the story, and it symbolizes Brà  s de Oliva Domingo’s struggles to stay above water through his sea of memories of his life. In the beginningRead MoreMyles Lawary. 4-4-17. Mrs.O’Connor. Marine Science..1216 Words   |  5 Pagespollution is not significantly cut and soon, the temperatures like march of last year could become more and more common by the 2030’s and the 2040’s. In 2030, there could be a 70 percent chance of getting temperatures like march of last year. In 2050, that chance will most likely become a 97 percent chance, and the chances of the temperatures getting warmer and warmer will just keep going up and up each year. Beyond this, temperatures similar to 2016 will just keep getting cooler and cooler, to the pointRead MoreThe Old Man And The Sea Theme1063 Words   |  5 PagesThe Old Man and the Sea â€Å"He always thought of the sea as la mar which is what people call her in Spanish when they love her.† (pg. 29) This is one of the many beautiful quotes from the novel The Old Man and the Sea by Ernest Hemingway that shows his love for the sea. This incredible story goes through the battle of an old, unlucky man and a huge fish. This particular man is a very experienced fishermen who has gone 84 days without a catch. Ernest Hemingway wanted his readers to learn the importanceRead MoreProtecting Animals with the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society 865 Words   |  4 PagesSea Shepherd Conservation Society The Sea Shepherds are group of volunteers who try to protect the sea animals, and capture criminals who kill the animals without permits. Their website has many purposes, one dedicate to collect donations from the reader. Furthermore, they want to protect the ocean wildlife. The website audience includes people who want to protect the ocean, and they want to save the sea animals which will likely be extinct. They offer the audience a chance to donate, volunteerRead MoreThe Effects Of Global Warming On The Environment1184 Words   |  5 Pagescivilization: food, water, health, energy, economy and national security and of course, the environment which is the most important aspect. How does it influence our life? What are the effects of global warming you might ask yourself? Well, there are many effects that global warming is having on the environment, particularly rise of sea levels, melting of glaciers, and climate change. One of the main motivations for the ocean level rising is that an unnatural weather change is creating hotter temperaturesRead MoreBp Case Competition1135 Words   |  5 Pages57Ëš11’59’’N 02Ëš10’47’’W 57Ëš17’39’’N 01Ëš39’44’’E 55Ëš56’58’’N 03Ëš09’37’’W 51Ëš29’47’’N 00Ëš10’26’’W 50Ëš39’57’’N 02Ëš02’12’’W Are you up for the challenge? The Brief Contents 02 03 04 05 06 Welcome The brief Taking part in the challenge North Sea infrastructure Technology and BP 2011 01 Welcome Notes: We’re excited that you want to take part in the Ultimate FieldTrip 2011 competition. From our first oil discoveries in Persia to today’s enhanced oil and gas recovery techniques

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Earn an Ivy League Degree Online

Almost all of the eight ivy league universities offer some form of online courses, certificates, or degree programs. Find out how you can get a top-notch online education from Brown, Columbia, Cornell, Dartmouth, Harvard, Princeton, UPenn, or Yale. Brown Brown offers two blended (online plus face-to-face) degree programs. The  IE-Brown Executive MBA program  offers professionals the chance to get a global education over a 15-month period. MBA students work together online and have five week-long sessions in person. The in-person meetings are in Madrid, Spain; Brown University in Providence, United States; and Cape Town, Africa. The Executive Master of Healthcare Leadership degree is an accelerated program for healthcare professionals. The 16-month program requires online students to meet on campus between the start and end of each term – four times total. Brown also offers online pre-college courses for advanced learners in grades 9-12. Subjects such as â€Å"So, You Want to be a Doctor?† and â€Å"Writing for College and Beyond,† prepare students for their upcoming college experience. Columbia Through the Teacher’s College, Columbia offers online certificates in â€Å"Cognition and Technology,† â€Å"Designing Interactive Multimedia Instruction,† and â€Å"Teaching and Learning with Technology.† Students can also enroll in one of two fully online education Masters degrees. The Computing in Education M.A. helps educational professionals prepare to work with technology in schools. The Diabetes Education and Management M.S. prepares health care workers to educate and advocate for improved understanding about diabetes. The Columbia Video Network enables students to earn advanced engineering degrees from home. Virtual students have no residency requirements and have the same access to their professors as traditional students. Degrees available online include M.S. in Computer Science, M.S. in Electrical Engineering, M.S. in Engineering and Management Systems, M.S. in Materials Science, M.S. in Mechanical Engineering, P.D. in Computer Science, P.D. in Electrical Engineering, P.D. in Mechanical Engineering. Students may also take individual online courses in medicine and religion through Columbia’s online programs. Cornell Through the  eCornell program, students can take individual courses and earn certificates completely online. Multi-course certificate programs are available in fields such as Finance and Managerial Accounting, Healthcare, Hospitality and Food Services Management, Human Resources Management, Leadership and Strategic Management, Management Essentials, Marketing, Sales Leadership, Product Leadership and Systems Design, and Plant-Based Nutrition. eCornell courses are designed and taught by Cornell faculty. They have set start and end dates, but are taught asynchronously. Courses and certificates offer students continuing education credits. Dartmouth Dartmouth College has a very limited number of online options. Students can earn The Dartmouth Institute (TDI) Certificate in The Fundamentals of Value-Based Healthcare by completing six online courses. The courses are generally not available for those outside of the certificate program. Health professionals are required to view a limited number of one-hour live streaming sessions, which are usually conducted on Wednesdays. Presenters lecture on topics such as Health Care Finance, Shared Decision Making in Patient-Centered Care, Health Care Informatics, and Understanding the Implications of Variation. Harvard Through the Harvard Extension School, students can take individual online courses, earn certificates, or even earn a degree. The  Bachelor of Liberal Arts degree program allows students to earn an undergraduate degree with the guidance of top-notch professors. Potential students â€Å"earn their way in† by earning a grade of B or higher in three introductory courses. Students must complete four courses on campus, but the rest of the degree can be completed through online options. Degree candidates have access to a variety of Harvard resources including internships, seminars, and research assistance. The Master of Liberal Arts in Extension Studies in the  field of finance or general management degree can be earned by taking 12 courses. Four of these courses must be traditional or blended courses. For distance learning students, blended courses can be taken by traveling to campus for one-weekend session per course. Additional blended Masters programs are available in Psychology, Anthropology, Biology, English, and more. Most require some evening courses on campus. Graduate certificates can be earned fully online and enrollment is open (no application required). Harvard Extension certificates can be earned in the fields of management, sustainability and environmental management, science and information technology, and social sciences. Notable certificates include Business Communication, Cybersecurity, Nonprofit Management, Marketing Management, Green Building and Sustainability, Data Science, Nanotechnology, Legal Studies, and  Software Engineering. Princeton Sorry, online learners. Princeton isn’t offering any courses or degree programs completely online at this time. UPenn While the University of Pennsylvania doesn’t offer any fully online degrees or certificates, the Penn Online Learning Initiative allows students to take  individual courses. Online courses are offered in Arts and Sciences, Executive Education, Nursing, Dentistry, and also English Language Test Preparation. Generally, students interested in these courses will need to apply to the university as a visiting student. Yale Every year, Yale students enroll in virtual courses through Yale Summer Online. Current students or graduates from other colleges are also invited to enroll in these for-credit courses. The course sessions are five-weeks long, and students are required to participate in a weekly live video group meeting with faculty. Some of the class offerings include: Abnormal Psychology, Econometrics and Data Analysis I, Milton, Modern American Drama and Moralities of Everyday Life.

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Ethical Decision Making Case Analysis Essay - 983 Words

Ethical Decision-Making Case Study. Moral issues are those that arouse conscience, are concerned with important values and norms. The use of a tool such as the Ethical Decision-Making Algorithm in appendix A, can help the nurse resolve an ethical dilemma more efficiently and competently. Furthermore, the use of a nursing codes of ethics, which are formal statements standard for professional actions can help guild a nurses decisions. Nurses have multiple obligations to balance in moral situation. The Ethical Decision-Making Algorithm will be used to find the best action and outcome for a case study. Case Study This case begins with the nurse manager of a 25 bed medical unit, 24 hour responsibility with a staff level of 26. The nurse has become aware a well-liked and helpful senior staff member has been stealing cash and other items from staff and patients. The senior nurse is supportive of the nurse manager, she has the best clinical expertise and judgement in the team. Morally, the head nurse is stressed. She feels guilty and upset, however she also believes no one will believe her. Ethical Issues from Nursing Perspective Trust is critical in the nurse-client relationship because the client is in a vulnerable position. The nurse-client relationship is one of unequal power. Although the nurse may not immediately perceive it, the nurse has more power than the client. Abuse means the misuse of the power imbalance intrinsic in the nurse-client relationship. It can also mean theShow MoreRelatedThe Ethics Of Moral Reasoning944 Words   |  4 Pagesindividual or a group of an effort to carry out a right decision morally. In doing so, it is vital to acknowledge the significance and taking actions required in making a moral decision. However, before we could start this process, it is imperative to comprehend the essence of moral reasoning and consider what approach is essential in an effective application of moral analysis. These approaches are deontology, a process that involves analysis of ethical actions and responsibility on the basis if eitherRead MoreEthical Dilemma Case Study1333 Words   |  6 Page sAssignment â€Æ' Contents Answer 1 Ethical Dilemma of the organization: 2 Answer 2 Four Steps of Ethical analysis 3 Step 1 Understanding the situation: 3 Step 2 Isolate the major ethical Dilemma: 3 Step 3 Ethical Analysis 3 a) Consequentialism: 3 b) Rights and duties 4 c) Kant’s categorical Imperative 4 d) Discussion 4 Step 4 Making a decision: 4 Conclusion 5 References 5 â€Æ' Answer 1 Ethical Dilemma of the organization: In the given case study, the ethical dilemma exists with the working structureRead MoreThe Code Of Ethics Of The Society Of Professional Journalists1054 Words   |  5 Pagesaccountable. Each of them considers a list of normative guidelines to orient the ethical decision-making process within a newsroom. In any case, the SPS’ orientations are framed by a utilitarian approach to ethics: Due to the voluntary character of the code, the Code attempts to advising more than requiring and, in that sense, the recommended procedures and activities in which journalists should engage to accomplish an ethical work are oriented to journalists as individuals instead of a collective. InRead MoreEthics - Orangewerks Essay954 Words   |  4 PagesA Question of Ethics, using Ferrell’s Framework Introduction Samarin is faced with the ethical dilemma of what to do regarding information in his possession that would allege unethical behavior within the OrangeWerks organization. After an analysis of the case, and evaluation of the identified alternatives, it is recommended that Samarin seek to clarify his concerns and attempt to rectify his ethical reservations regarding the organization. This proactive approach provides him the opportunityRead MoreEthical Issues in Forecasting and Decision Analysis Essay1171 Words   |  5 PagesETHICAL ISSUES IN FORECASTING AND DECISION ANALYSIS Dunal M. McCurdy MBA 615- Business Foundations November 24, 2011 ETHICAL ISSUES IN FORECASTING AND DECISION ANALYSIS It is especially important to think about the most critical causes of the problem in making your forecasts and decisions. The process of forecasting involves using observations about the problem situation to predict the outcomes of your own actions, the actions of others, and the outcomes of other situationalRead MoreThe Importance of Critical Thinking and Ethical Decision Making on Social Work1149 Words   |  5 PagesIt is my belief that in order for someone in the social work profession to serve vulnerable populations it was intended to serve, it is imperative to use critical thinking and ethical decision making in tandem to achieve the optimal result. The balance is a delicate and often complex. It requires a close examination or critically thinking, of all the issues not just within yourself, but the community as a whole, the individuals within it, and the client population that the social work serves. TheRead MoreAnalysis of an Ethical Dilemma Essay1232 Words   |  5 Pages Analysis of an Ethical Dilemma (Part1) Voluntary/ Assisted Euthanasia By Feba Erattakulangara, Jacinda Koski, Nne Uyoh, Olga Gray Grand Canyon University Ethical Decision Making in Health Care NRS 437V February 24, 2013 Analysis of an Ethical Dilemma (Part1) Voluntary/ Assisted Euthanasia Amongst the multitude of ethical dilemmas in health care the debate about voluntary or assisted euthanasia presents to be theRead MoreDecision Analysis : The Decision1528 Words   |  7 PagesIntroduction Decision analysis provides powerful techniques to structure complex problems, identify optimal choices, and facilitate communication between the decision analyzer and the person makes the decision. One of the most important values of these techniques is that they enable decision making to be rational rather than intuitive or holistic. They provide a framework for rational decision making in an uncertain environment. As modern decision analysis has been studied for more than five decadesRead MoreCase Study : The Ethical Dilemma Essay1617 Words   |  7 PagesThe purpose of this assignment is to review and analyse a business case which features an obvious ethical dilemma. The chosen business case for this assignment involves: Egg farms in Iowa America, bad practices highlighting the ‘ethical dilemma’, and a crooked entrepreneur named Austin Jack DeCoster, a man responsible for making unethical decisions. Austin Jack DeCoster first started operating his egg business in the late 1940’s at the age of 15 and built up his empire to become one of America’sRead MorePhysical Therapist Ethical Dilemma Essay1431 Words   |  6 Pagesadhere to a standard of ethical behavior.1 The first Code of Ethics adopted by the American Physiotherapy Association in 1935 focused mainly on the relationship between the physical therapist (PT), referring physician, and the disciplinary actions o f violating that relationship.2(p.4) Since then the Code of Ethics has evolved into what the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) refers to as the Code of Ethics for the Physical Therapist (PT Code), and the Standards of Ethical Conduct for the Physical

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British and American Forces in the First Years of the American Essay

Essays on British and American Forces in the First Years of the American Revolution Essay The paper "British and American Forces in the First Years of the American Revolution" is a good example of an essay on history. This essay analyzes the main strengths and weaknesses of American and British forces during the American Revolution.   Despite the superiority of British military forces in the 18th century, the Americans were able to win the war â€Å"for their rights, their independence, and their liberty† (â€Å"The American Revolution.†). How did this happen? What helped the American nation to prevail over the British Empire, the dominant European power? There were many reasons for such an outcome. Both sides had advantages and disadvantages. In April 1775, when the war started, the odds were against American forces. Britain had a larger population, trained and experienced army, allies, and wealth. According to â€Å"The American Revolution.†, â€Å"Britain’s military was the best in the world. Their soldiers were well equipped, well-disciplined, and well-fed.† Funds were used to hire mercenaries from other countries to fight the Americans. What is more, most Americans did not want to fight, and they were hoping to settle all controversial issues peacefully. British Empire maint ained its position until 1777. But American leaders were qualified, clever and high-principled. The battle of Saratoga was crucial. It helped the Patriots to retreat and increase their forces. Also, in early 1778, France recognized American independence and became an ally. The war got more expensive â€Å"and the British population debated its necessity† (â€Å"The American Revolution.†). Soldiers were tired and far from home. â€Å"Military orders, troops, and supplies sometimes took months to reach their destinations† (â€Å"The American Revolution.†). It all offered hope and courage to continue the struggle for independence. In conclusion, it should be said that Americans showed their strength of will and powerful faith. Despite all the difficulties, they sustained the Revolution and won the war.

Madoff Case Free Essays

20102004 Thi Ngoc Thuy Do 1. What are the ethical issues involved in the Madoff case? Bernard Madoff was accused of fraud and creation of a Ponzi scheme which lead to a $65 billion investment loss for hundreds of investors in over the world. Bernard Madoff started a legal business by buying and selling over the counter stocks that were not listed on NYSE. We will write a custom essay sample on Madoff Case or any similar topic only for you Order Now He deceived many people into thinking his operation as legitimate, and completely abused his respectable name and position of power for his own personal advances. He lied to his friends and clients from the beginning and as later documented in his allocution, he never invested any of the money he got. He became a thief. Madoff started a Ponzi scheme on levels never seen before. Madoff stole from friends, family and investors. Madoff did not invest the money as he promised; he simply used it to pay off the first set of investors at very high return rates (10-12%), so he could attract more money. There were also jobs given to family members who could have helped the scheme. Madoff’s daughter was also married to a former Securities and Exchange Commission attorney. His company’s financial reports were never made public during the time of the scheme. I wonder how his company passed the tax audition imposed question on the SEC internal system. There is a big question for US government system. 2. Do you believe that Bernard Madoff worked alone, or do you think he had help in creating and sustaining his Ponzi scheme? Would this represent a conflict of interest? â€Å"Speaking as a Jew on Christmas, I would be less shocked if Santa Claus showed up to my house than if Bernie Madoff pulled off this fraud alone,† says Ron Geffner, a partner at law firm. So,I definitely believe Bernard Madoff did not work alone, he had help in creating and sustaining his Poniz scheme for 30 years. Without his accountants, family members, and other employees covering up his tracks, he wouldn’t have gotten away with misleading so many officials who certified his operation as legitimate. Since these people were satisfied with the constant returns. They all shared in an expensive living condition, nobody questioned was made. Without these people, Madoff wouldn’t have held up his operation for so long. Why internal accounting and auditing make no sense or Madoffs action. How Madoff elude investigation of SEC by transfer between his account and his familys account, those questions show that   Bernard Madoff need others help, he could not do these alone. The motivation of Madoff to set  Ponze scheme is very pure which only for money. The conflict of interest exists, the conflict  is between personal interest and public interest, Madoff a nd his family enjoys their luxury life style by cheating, public interest gets hurt. 3. What should be done to help ensure that Ponzi schemes like Madoff’s do not happen in the future? In order to prevent Ponzi schemes from recurring, internal controls and compliance standards that detect misconduct must be implemented. Awareness on these types of crimes needs to be raised as well. Investors should pay closer attention and realize that just because someone may seem to have a perfect resume, doesn’t mean they’re completely well fit and will act ethically. The market is unpredictable, so no one can ensure 100% for your interest in future. Furthermore, Government should run SEC effectively, so people can trust them before incident occur. How to cite Madoff Case, Papers

Egypt Essay Example For Students

Egypt Essay I AM VISITING THE COUNTRY OF EGYPT. EGYPT IS A COUNTRY IN AFRICA. THE EGYPTIAN NAME FOR EGYPT IS JUMHURIYAT MISR AL-ARABIYAH, MISR IS THE EGYPTIAN WORD FOR EQYPT. THE NATIONAL CAPITAL IS CAIRO. THE LOCATION OF EGYPT IS IN NORTHERN AFRICA, BORDERING THE MEDITERRANEAN SEA, BETWEEN LIBYA AND THE GAZA STRIP. EGYPTIAN LAND IS A TOTAL OF 995450 SQ. KM AND 6,00 SQ. KM. EGYPT IS ALMOST MORE THAN THREE TIMES THE SIZE OF NEW MEXICO. THE COASTLINE IS 2,450 KM. CLIMATE: THE CLIMATE IS DESERT TYPE, HOT, DRY SUMMERS WITH MODERATE WINTERS. THE TEMPERATURES DURING TH SUMMER RANGE FROM 114 DEGREES DURING DAY LIGHT TO A MINIMUM OF 42 DEGREES AFTER SUNSET. DURING THE WINTER SEASON THE TEMPERATURE DROPS TO 32 DEGREES.THE MOST HUMID AREA IS ALONG THE MEDITERRANEAN COAST, THE AVERAGE RAINFALL IS ABOUT 8 INCHES.CAIRO RECEIVES ON AVERAGE ONLY ABOUT 1.1INCHES OF RAIN A YEAR. THE TERRAIN IS A VAST DESERT PLATEAU INTERRUPTED BY NILE VALLEY AND DELTA. NATURAL RESOURCES: EGYPT HAS A LOT OF DIFFERENT MINERAL DEPOSITS SUCH AS GOLD, RED GRANITE PETROLEUM, NATURAL GAS, IRON ORE, PHOSPHATES, MANGANESE, LIMESTONE, GYPSUM, TALC, ASBESTOS, LEAD, AND ZINC. NATURAL GAS IS ALSO FOUND IN EGYPT. NATURAL HAZARDS: EGYPT HAS NATURAL HAZARDS SUCH AS PERIODIC DROUGHTS, FREQUENT EARTHQUAKES, FLASH FLOODS, LANDSLIDES, VOLCANIC ACTIVITY, BAD WINDSTORMS CALLED KHAMSIN THEY USUALLY OCCUR IN SPRING, DUST STORMS, SANDSTORMS. POPULATION: The population of Egypt is 66,050,004. The majority of Egyptians are eastern Hamitic stock (Egyptians, Bedouins, and Berbers) 99%, Greek, Nubian, Armenian, other European (primarily It is alian and French) 1%.Religions: Islam is the official religion, and about 90% of all Egyptians are Muslims, most of them are members of the Sunni sect. The Coptic Orthodox Church (similar to Christians) has no more than 3 million members. Copts has 7 million members. 1 million people belong to the Greek orthodox, Roman Catholic, Armenian, and a lot of protestant churches. This country has a very small Jewish community. Languages: the official language is Arabic. Berber is spoken in a few villages in the western parts. English and French is understood by educated classes. Education: primary and secondary schooling is free, the same is for public universities and technical schools. Ages 6 to 11 schooling is necessary. Age 15 and over can read and write. Crime: Egypt is A TRANSIT POINT FOR SOUTHWEST ASIAN AND SOUTHEAST ASIAN HEROIN AND OPIUM MOVING TO EUROPE AND THE US; POPULAR TRANSIT STOP FOR NIGERIAN COURIERS. Economy: Egypt is mostly an agricultural country, with about 40 percent of the labor force employed in crop farming or herding. The results of Egyptian farmlands are just about the highest in the world. They grow rice, tomatoes, wheat, maize, sugarcane, potatoes, and oranges. The live stock populations in early 1990 are 3 million cattle, 3 million buffalo, 4.4 million sheep, 4.8 million goats, 1.6 million donkeys, and 44 million chickens. Egypt also has a big fishing industry. In the early 1990s the annual catch was about 298,000 metric tons. The most productive areas are the shallow deltaic lakes, Birkat Qarun, and the Red Sea. They catch a wide Varity of fish. Government: Egypt is governed by a constitution declared on September 11, 1971. The constitution provides for an Arab socialist state with Islam as the official rel igion. It also stresses social solidarity, equal opportunity, and popular control of production. Bibliography:

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Business Strategy for Analysis of Wesfarmers †Free Sample

Question: Discuss about the Business Strategy for Analysis of Wesfarmers. Answer: Introduction: Wesfarmers is one of the leading organizations in Australia, and as a 102 year old organization, Wesfarmers has been dominating the retail market of Australia as well as New Zealand. Besides, the organization, headquartered in Perth, Western Australia, the organization deals with the production of fertilizers, chemicals, industrial products and many more. The organization employing as many as 2,00,000 people across Western Australian and New Zealand, the organization boasts of 4,00,000 shareholders, and owing to the diverse market, the organization has even greater prospect to flourish in future. Keeping this in consideration, it is important to conduct the environmental analysis of the organization (David and David 2016). Discussion: The importance of environmental analysis of an organization cannot be overemphasized. It helps an organization to comprehend and analytically evaluate the strategies necessary for the survival and growth of an organization. As far as Wesfarmers is concerned, the internal analysis of the organization will help it in identifying the factors within the organization that can enable the organization enjoy sustainable competitive advantage. Hence, the application of the SWOT analysis method is highly beneficial here. With the help of the SWOT analysis method, Wesfarmers will be able to gain an insight into the strength, weakness, opportunity as well as threat of the organization (Grant 2016). SWOT Analysis of Wesfarmers: Strength Weakness Wesfarmers enjoys a diversified market, and as such the organization, with a huge variety of diverse business, comprising of Coles, Target, and many more, can easily experience persistent growth without the impact of industry downturn. The organization is one of the most reputed organizations in the world, and it has earned huge brand recognition over the years. The organization enjoys an exceptionally high growth rate in the market. The organization has as many as 4,00,000 shareholders. The organization has a strong presence in Australia, and hence as a large scale industry, the organization encounters strong business risk. The profit making capacity of the organization is not as strong as it could be and the operating profit of the organization has been suffering a steady rate of decline since the last few years. For example, from the year of 2006 to 2007, the net profit of the organization dropped from $772.5 million, to $618.1 million (Kenny 2013). The organization also operates in a highly competitive market. The current financial crisis of Australia may harm the financial stability of the organization (Yuan 2013). Opportunity Threat Global expansion will help the organization enhance its revenue and profitability, and as a widely recognized organization, it will be easier for Wesfarmers to establish itself beyond Australia and New Zealand. The organization can enhance quality and its service. The income level of the consumers is at a constant increase. The cost of the raw material is increasing rapidly in Australia. Huge competition from rival organizations, such as Woolworths, MetaCash Limited, Myer, and others (Biddle 2016). Stakeholder Analysis: It is crucial for Wesfarmers to analyze the stakeholders of the organization. The organization has a huge number of stakeholders, such as shareholders, consumers, employees, government and media. The stakeholders are the main assets of any organization, and hence understanding their expectations is highly important. The consumers of any organization play an important role, and hence insufficient consumer involvement can be highly detrimental to the growth of an organization. The organization has conducted sufficient market research, which has helped it to evaluate the expectations of the consumers in a highly competitive market. The organization has recently invested an enormous amount of money for offering its service via online channels (Hackshall 2013). The organization has improved its optimism about retail sales, via the introduction of online shopping platforms. Besides, the employees also play a vital role in the organizational success of Wesfarmers. The organization has been providing on-job training so as to help the employees improve and enhance their professional skills. The quality of the workers increases with the opportunities they get to groom and enhance their professional skills. Further, the organization also employs a diverse workforce that allows it to hire people from various ethnic groups, such as Aboriginal Island and Torres Strait Island as well. One of the best features of the employee engagement policy of Wesfarmers is that the organization adopts a diverse workforce, not only in terms of cultural diversity but gender diversity as well. As far as the consumers and the employees are concerned, Wesfarmers is successful in exercising a positive impact on the stakeholders. The organization communicates and updates each piece of information as well as the relevant procedures to the concerned stakeholders. The managing authority of Wesfarmers believes in adopting the most effective communication strategy that will help it in communicating ea ch of its strategies or achievements to the stakeholders. Hence, the organization prepares and submits annual as well as half-yearly reports and announcements via the ASX (James 2013). External Environmental Analysis: Apart from the internal factors, Wesfarmers is also required to identify and assess the external factors of an organization, bot at the micro as well as in the macro level. The major advantage of the external environmental analysis is that it will help Wesfarmers understand as well as to evaluate the size and opportunity of growth in the market, the intensity of the competition existing among the rival organizations, and to estimate the impact of the market condition on the profit earning capacity of the organization. PESTEL Analysis In order to conduct an external environmental analysis, Wesfarmers is primarily required to conduct the PESTEL analysis. The PESTEL analysis of an organization explains the framework of macro-environmental factors, such as the political factors of the economic factors that directly influence the growth or profitability of an organization. The PESTEL analysis of Wesfarmers is as follows: Political: By the political factors, is implied the extent to which the government of a country plays an important role in influencing the business of an organization, in the form of taxes, or other legal regulations. Coal mining is an important department of Wesfarmers, and it should be remembered that the federal government of Australia has made it mandatory that the exploitation of the mining industry has to be approved by the state government of the respective state. The government t policies of Australia are more focused on the elimination of the trade protectionism, and restrictive policies, and as a result free trade can be conducted by the foreign organizations much more conveniently by the foreign organizations. This policy of free trade may not facilitate the economic growth of Wesfarmers, as a large number of non-Australian retail sectors may get easy entry into the market. This can definitely imply huge competition for Wesfarmers (Antonini 2016). Economic : The economic factors of an organization , such as interest rates, exchange rates, inflation rate can largely affect the growth of an organization. Service sector plays an important role in the market of Australia, and in fact it is noteworthy that 71.1 % of the GDP of Australia is being contributed by the service sector only. Finance and service are the two most important service organizations in Australia, an keeping this into consideration, it can be stated that the insurance market of Wesfarmers can enjoy a highly profitable position in the market of Australia. Social: The social environment of Australia also plays an immensely important role for the future growth of Wesfarmers. Social factors such as demographics, cultural trends, population analytics play an important role in the success of an organization. It is important to note here that most of the citizens of Australia tend to rely on one-stop shopping method. The Australians usually prefer to buy the necessary items in large quantity once in every week, so that it can suffice for the rest of the week. Hence, it is favorable for Wesfarmers to have the supermarkets and departmental store chains in Australia (Chan et al. 2013). Technological:. It should be remembered that sustainable method of conducting business, plays an extremely important role in Australia. Hence, organizations such as Wesfarmers also are required to rely more on technologically progressive means of production that can help the nation maintain its ecological sustainability in future. Keeping this in mind, it is important to note here that Wesfarmers has adopted the use of low emission coal technology which is an innovative change that is expected to sustain the business in future. Coal mining, energy, chemicals and fertilizer production are some of the most important areas Wesfarmers works in, and hence good technological foundation as well as continuous innovation is highly needed for the future development of the enterprise (Luftman 2013). Legal: There is a variety of new laws ruling and governing the trade system of Australia, such as the labor law business laws, resource law and many more. The organization is required to abide by each, while conducting trade. Environmental: Ecological sustainability plays an integral role in the process of conducting business in Australia, and hence organizations such as Wesfarmers has been creating value for its consumers for its shareholders via sincere engagement for a wide range of environmental issues, such as prevention of environmental pollution, conservation of energy, and many more. It is noteworthy here that the organization operates its business activities in accordance with the 10 Community and Environmental Impact Principles that sets the guideline to the organization for energy efficient means of production. The in initiatives undertaken by the organization, for ensuring community well-being, decreasing product packaging, or maintenance of ecological sustainability help the organization conduct business smoothly in Australia (Islam et al. 2016). Porters Five Force Analysis and Wesfarmers: In order to adopt the most effective strategy required to enhance the competitiveness of the business organization, the Five Forces Analysis of Wesfarmers is needed: Threat of New Entrants: Wesfarmers is one of the most recognized organizations in Australia, that deals with the production and retail trade of various items, such as energy, industrial and safety chemicals, fertilizers, hardware, insurance and many more. Hence, it can be understood that Wesfarmers has a higher entry obstruction as far as its competitors are concerned. Owing to its recognition, and brand awareness as well as its diverse market, the threat of new entrant is low (Dobbs 2015). Supplier Power: Wesfarmers avails its resources from different markets, as a result of its diverse variety of products it deals with, however it should be remembered that there is only a limited competition in the supplier market of Wesfarmers. Hence, this can be a major obstruction for Wesfarmers, as the organization is depended on too many suppliers at a time (James 2013). Buying Power: Wesfarmers regularly conducts sufficient market research to understand the changing expectations and modern trends of the buyers. The organization also promotes its sustainable approach of conducting business that fetches further recognition to an already recognized organization like Wesfarmers. Hence, the buyer power is moderate, given the strategy adopted by Wesfarmers, despite the competitive market the organization operates in (Hubbard 2014). Competitive Rivalry: Wesfarmers is still one of the most recognized organizations of Australia, and it is needless to state that the organization is absolutely dominating the Australian retail market. The organization is already enjoying competitive advantage in the region, and hence the risk of competitive rivalry is low for the organization (Silva 2012). Threats of Substitutes: The threat of being substituted was undoubtedly high for Wesfarmers even in the last few years, however, the organization has adopted environment friendly, energy efficient method of production and has introduced a very high quality consumer service that can is sure to provide the organization with competitive advantage. Hence, the threat of substitute is low (Booth and Coveney 2015). Conclusion: From the above analysis, it can be concluded that Wesfarmers enjoys a very strong position in Australia, and the organization has a huge prospect to flourish in future as well. The environmental analysis of the organization is a strategic tool that helps in assessing and analyzing the internal as well as external factors that facilitate or threaten the market condition of the organization. Wesfarmers is one of the leading names in the retail industry of Australia, however, it is important for the organization to be aware of its strength, weakness, competencies and other requirements so that it can bring about the desirable improvement in the organization. Again, at the same time, the organization will need to adopt the necessary strategy to sustain itself in a highly competitive market, and hence the organization must also conduct external analysis to have a comprehensive knowledge about the economic trends of the market, rival giants as well as the opportunities and threats in the r etail market of Australia. Reference List: Antonini, C., 2016. An empirical analysis of environmental externalities incidence on financial performance. Biddle, I., 2016. The Wesfarmers/Woolworths duopoly war: The Bunnings vs. Masters battle.Busidate,24(3), p.3. Booth, S. and Coveney, J., 2015. Big FoodThe Industrial Food System. InFood Democracy(pp. 3-11). Springer Singapore. Chan, E., Yau, O.H. and Chan, R., 2013. Consumer sentiment in Australia: a replication and cross national comparison.Asia Pacific International Journal of Marketing. da Silva, M., 2012. A broad business challenge-Sustainable Company of the Year.Ethical Investor, (98), p.14. 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